big al (gendertrouble) wrote in vegan_knitters,
big al


so last week i decided i really needed to start on my octopus design scarf and i decided to try amaizing, because i've wanted to try it for a long time and i thought it'd be nice to have a nice scarf.

i ordered a ball of 'black' and a ball of 'grenadine'. i was a little worried grenadine would be too much pinker than the picture, because i really wanted red, but i hadn't worred about the 'black'. i have to say, i got my yarn really fast and that's great, but the 'black' is really really blue. that is, it's blue. it's not blueish or so black it's blue. when i put a strand on my black shirt, it's blue. navy blue, but blue.

i'm just so disappointed. the grenadine is too pink, and i can't even get around that because the black is blue. i'm not sure if i can return them (i ordered through swtc, but it came from a semi-local shop called Flying Fingers). man, i was so excited when i got home and the box was here.

so i guess this is a warning to you folks. i know this is the danger of shopping online, but i never have luck finding a good selection of vegan fibers in shops and i get really discouraged.
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