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Welcome and intro thread

Hi, I'm Nella and I just started this community earlier today, although it the idea has been buzzing around my mind and those of a few other people i know (who will hopefully join at some point) for a while now. I live in England and am doing a PhD in political theory. I have an ambition to knit while delivering lectures and give away the resulting scarf as a prize for grades or attendance at the end of the module. My diet and knitting are both about 90-95% vegan - one is compromised occasionally by imminent fainting due to a slightly effed-up system, the other more benignly by a tendency to frog wool items from jumble sales and so on. I don't, however, buy animal fibres new. And some people find that incomprehensible, which surprises me because i've never found the non-animal yarn selections restrictive. And i know there are knitters out who find animal cruelty abhorrent enough to at least avoid the worst offenders, and also vegans who knit.

Anyway, this thread is the place if you want to introduce yourself. I will try to get some FO pictures up in the next few days to get things started, but feel free to post anything relevant. :)
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