Girlfriend in a sugar coma. (rice_dream_girl) wrote in vegan_knitters,
Girlfriend in a sugar coma.

Thank you to everyone who made podcast suggestions last night! I've now got an excellent back catalogue to work through :) Now, something I made.

I've neglected my knitting for quite some time now. I blame the fact that I promised lots of scarves to different people, and ended up getting stuck in a seemingly never-ending rut. I have 3 scarves all in progress, and a set of wrist warmers. It'll be summer before I get them done! In the mean time, here's what I made last night :)


No more wasteful, reusable coffee sleeves! I mean, there's still the disposable cup, but, erm, one step at a time, here. Here is it being modeled by the only thing that I had on hand (of course, it's Mountain Dew):


I might make another one tonight! I also spent today working on a zine. It's starting to take shape, hurrah! Being unemployed + being snowed in + COFFEE = me being super productive :D
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