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hey everyone,

i'm starting my own intro post because i'm self-centered! just kidding. i'm fuchsia, 20, knitter for 3 years, vegan for about 6 months.

i'm really conflicted on the vegan knitting issue. i'm not trying to start a fight or a flame war or anything, but using acrylic yarn really bothers me, as do most mass-produced cottons. i'm vegan for the same reasons i drive a greasecar, ride a bike, make my own clothes and buy secondhand, and garden/buy as much of my food as possible locally; i am trying to take myself off the oil consumption/industrial/what-have-you grids as much as i can. the means i have now make this only partially possible, but i do my best.

obviously, acrylic is a big NO for my convictions, since most of it is made from petroleum derivatives. a lot cotton is grown with really shitty pesticides, so i don't feel ok using that either. that leaves me with other plant fibers (mmmmm, bamboo), and animal fibers. i try to buy my animal fiber yarns from small farms and small manufacturers, but i feel like, in the grand environmental scheme of things, animal fibers are the least detrimental. also, i don't know anything about the bamboo fiber manufacturing process, which makes me nervous. anyone know anything about it? any other ideas on what i can knit with?

while i'm here, does anyone have any information on mistreatment of sheep in the yarn manufacturing business? i know merino is really bad, but it would be good to know about everything else. right now i feel like i'm just blindly following some code of what not to do. actually, it might be good to have this information in the community profile. anyone else agree?

i realize i probably sound weird and self-righteous, and some of you probably think that i don't deserve to call myself "vegan". but, i was just wondering if there were any other people out there who can commiserate with me. sometimes i feel lost in the vegan community because i'm more of an environmental person than an animal rights person, and i guess that's not that common among people i know.
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