big al (gendertrouble) wrote in vegan_knitters,
big al


so i just read on the etsy blog about ecospun.

there is yarn made from it here.

has anyone knit with this? i find it intriguing, but i also wonder whether there is some hidden issue with it, like the manufacturing of it actually makes more waste, or the company that makes it is a subsidiary of some notorious bad place or something.

what i find most interesting is the idea that it felts. there's a comment on the etsy post about that. though the poster says they use it as the filling, so i don't know how felted it really gets.

unfortunately, i can't afford to experiment with that handspun yarn.

i also couldn't figure out where to get the fiber for spinning, but i didn't look really hard because i've actually never spun.
Tags: advice wanted, yarn
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