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vegan_knitters's Journal

Knitting without cruelty
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For anyone who is interested in knitting without animal products
This community is for anyone who is interested in knitting without animal products (wool, silk, fur, etc). You don't have to be vegan to be a member - the baseline is curiosity about non-animal knitting materials.

Rules (baaah humbug...)
  • Non-animal FOs, yarn pr0n etc only, please! There are plenty of communities where you *can* post pics of your new mohair whatsit, you don't need to do it here.
  • On that note, please put pictures behind a cut ([lj-cut text="Pics behind cut"], replacing the square brackets with triangles/carrots) as some people may be on dial-up and not want to spend all day waiting for their f'list to load.
  • This is mainly a knitting community - general animal rights posts should be taken to general animal rights communities. Comment on my lj if you're not sure about posting something. (comments are screened, but I do see them)
  • This is *not* the place to debate animal rights issues. If you think the idea of a vegan knitting community is stupid, ignore its existence and play somewhere else.
  • Neither is it the place to debate issues about PETA. Yeah, they have the most high-profile campaign against the mistreatment of sheep right now. You don't have to love them, but if you hate them take it elsewhere.
  • Also, on the other side, this isn't the place to play Vegan Police regarding other aspects of people's lives. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think of that one cotton jumper as a sheep saved. And if you can't do that, take it to one of the vegan debate communities.
  • Personal abuse directed at other members will be your ticket out of here.
  • ALL non-animal knitting materials make for good conversation here. That can be anything from luxury bamboo to shredded binliners.

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